A Perfect Gift for the Athlete who has Everything…

…Especially when you wouldn’t dream of choosing their gear.

Bike Scribble Portraits Immortalize Your Passion

Or Yoga Scribbles, Horse Scribbles, Karate Scribbles… I work from pictures of your loved one (or you), their specific bike, horse, or appropriate gear  and situate them in their favorite sporting environment.  It’s unique, it’s personal, tasteful and timeless.  More exclusive than jewelry – it’s fine art.

Here is an example: “Trail for Two”  – J. Valens and wife Kath riding in Monterey.  Her bike a symphony of blue, his the famed Bahati Graffiti Bike.  A joyful couple enjoying a gorgeous day on the bike.

"Trail for Two"

“Trail for Two”

All projects start at $1500.00, which is for a 24″ x 24″ to 26″ x 26″ canvas.  Other sizes and dimensions will be priced on an individual basis.  Orders must be placed by the first week in December to ensure delivery by Christmas.  Please email me with any questions at BikeScribble@gmail.com.  When you are ready I will consult with you by phone to begin the portrait process.  I look forward to working with you!


Other types of Scribble include but are not limited to:



"My Neigh-bor"

“My Neigh-bor”

"Martial Arts Art"

“Martial Arts Art”

Opportunity Scribbles

I’m very grateful for the support of all my friends and fans who love my work and I’d like to extend an opportunity to you.  Anyone who sends a new client my way will receive a 10% thank you fee for the sale of any painting or commission of custom work.  All projects start at $1500 and increase from there based on size and intricacy of design.  So that means a minimum of $150 to you for babbling about Bike Scribbles.  Just tell your friends to mention that you sent them!  Thank you for spreading the Scribble love!

I’ve been working with some new forms to consider:

Yoga Scribble

Dance Scribble


Martial Arts Art

Where in the Heck Have I Been?

I’ve been in Cortez, Colorado, painting a 100′ public mural on the side of the hardware store for the city with the help of 9 talented high school students.  It’s done now (whew).