The Bike Scribble is (Finally) 3D! A Bike Sculpture is Born!


Two for the Trail

For many years friends and fans had been suggesting that the Bike Scribble form would make a great outdoor sculpture. But I am not a metalsmith and creating a 7.5′ x 7.5′ steel sculpture without somewhere to put it was not something one does “on spec”. As a renter who moves around the country about every 2-3 years to produce public art, I couldn’t very well install it in any of my landlords’ yards.

After the Greenville Track Club and Visit Greenville so graciously agreed to back “The Runner” sculpture along the Swamp Rabbit Trail the dream of a Bike Scribble sculpture inched closer to plausibility.


That ‘Chalking the Street’ thing

As things seem to happen in an artist’s life the opportunity nearly ran me over one day when it was least expected. Back in April of 2016 I was chalking the street as I often do at the start/finish line of a bike race. This start/finish line belonged to the Volkswagon USA Cycling Pro Criterium National Championships in Greenville SC.

After dodging the various pre-race activities in the middle of the street to finish my chalk Scribble I gathered up my stuff, slipped through the barricades and headed toward my friends’ viewing spot along the rail. Suddenly, a older gentleman, Russ (obviously a cycling nut with the telltale ripped and shaved calves), ran up to me. “Miss! Excuse me! ( I stopped, like, ‘who? me?’) Are you the artist who created “The Runner” on the Swamp Rabbit Trail? Why yes, yes I am. “We would like you to do a bike sculpture for our home.”


Russ inspecting the base of the sculpture to make sure it is level.

It turned out that this cyclist and his cycling wife – a cycling couple! – had recently retired to Greenville County from Chicago and were just beginning to customize their woodsy property. The gentleman turned out to have been an art librarian for major university libraries for over thirty years. When it comes to art appreciation an artist couldn’t dream for more.

Two for the Trail

It always starts with a drawing.

I went to see the site for the piece, which was, frankly ideal. A backdrop of enormous trees and garden areas lovingly landscaped and tended which hosted enormous butterflies would be a beautiful setting. We chatted about the clients’ interests and some options. I went home and drew up the design. They were thrilled. That doesn’t always happen on the first draft!


Plasma cutter, wielded by David Butts, cuts out The Runner.

I contacted the plasma cutter David Butts and consulted with Ryan Calloway of Creative Ironworks and set the project in motion. Four months later “Two for the Trail” was installed to forever ride past the trees, flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds on Russ and his wife’s lawn, situated purposely in front of their breakfast nook. We all couldn’t be happier or more proud with how well this all turned out!


All cut out on the floor of Creative Ironworks.


The “body” section is primed


Painting the wheels


Masking tape mountain


All done!

If you are interested in a custom Bike Scribble sculpture ( Bike Scribbl3D ) of your very own – any size from many feet outdoors to 18” on your desktop – please feel free to contact me: or call 970-403-4527


Jennifer Wilson brings the proper attitude

I made it to the Redlands Classic for the criterium on April 5th, day three of the annual jamboree. What follows are a few words and a slew of pictures.

Mara Abbott – the one to beat in yellow, and Katharine Carroll called up to the front.

My primary mission was to meet with Michael Engleman of US Women’s Cycling Development Program and Dave Varrechia of Vanderkitten Racing, as, in addition to racing myself, I am seriously considering the notion of working to promote women’s cycling in various capacities.

Leah Guloien and Jenny Trew

Goal #2 was to meet as many of my cycling sisters as possible…and watch a really good race. For all the women I met I will say this: they are really warm, open people, FUN, dedicated and SMART. I found myself in a sea of EXTREME multi-taskers. Nearly all of them have very complicated lives that include husbands and children, college degrees to finish, careers to maintain. They count the bruises and scars on their bodies with a shrug as just part of the journey. Almost all are surprisingly under compensated for what they do and sacrifice far more than time and energy to be part of the sport. Each would make a wonderful role model for young women any day of the week! It makes a girl feel privileged to be in the midst of such dynamic women and they are all so welcoming to newcomers like me.

Waiting for the shot.

Some of the girls were having a hard start to the season. Some were getting over the flu. Some were just beginning to feel symptoms of the flu. Others were still not quite recovered from injuries sustained in the races of recent weeks. A few were all smiles and at the top of their game. Liz Hatch who was still recovering from that nasty spill in Visalia was “…just happy to be back on the bike” but DNF the first stage. My USWCDP girl Kris Keim (Kenda) who had mechanical issues early on never quite got in the groove and said ‘enough’ during the crit. Heather Sborz seemed to be struggling through the last laps and no wonder, she got sick soon after reaching home. It’s early yet.

One thing is certain, the season has just begun to ramp up and anywhere the ladies are on the course it’s guaranteed to be a great show!

Emilia Fahlin’s moment in the sun.

One thing I discovered on this trip: I love to get out to a part of the course where there aren’t a lot of spectators cheering. I love that sound of the peloton, 100 or more wheels all whirring together at 25mph or more. I love that whirring sound!

Some photos from the course – imagine the whirring sound for yourself…

Getting underway a few laps in.

Mara taking care of business.

Taking the Sixth Street turn.

Little Millie already a champ and the future of women’s racing!

Spring has sprung – a wild rose from the trailside

If I get names wrong or leave anyone out please leave a comment and I’ll correct it immediately.