Public Murals

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Horton Family - “Angels and Rogues”

Mural: 20' x 14' Angels and Rogues depicts the Horton Family tree on the ceiling of the music room in their home in Westwood, California. Included are 72 members of the Horton Family, in 5 generations. Grandparents and great-grandparents are in the shell, parents are in the four corners, children are swimming in the water and grandchildren are suspended on the walls.

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The Caldwell House

Kathleen King was commissioned to decorate the individual rooms in a variety of themes in The Caldwell House, a bed and breakfast located in San Diego, California.

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Coronado Shores

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Horton Family - “Endless Pleasure in the Afterlife”

Mural: 24' x 8'. Outdoor patio mural for a Horton residence in La Jolla, California. The imagery is based on the frescoes in the tombs excavated at Herculaneum and Pompeii, with trompe l'oeil hummingbirds.

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Early Work

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